All in WHAFF Rewards
Install, Play, and Keep!
Get all 3 types of rewards with just 1 app!
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WHAFF rewards
  • WHAFF rewards
  • WHAFF rewards
  • WHAFF rewards



Easy-to-use and
Continuous rewards given



Proven reliability
with over 4 years of service



Tons of offers and
most rewards available

WHAFF rewards
What are
Premium Picks?
WHAFF gives you rewards
for Installing, Playing, and Keeping
an app on your device.
Premium Picks give 3 different rewards with just 1 app.

WHAFF rewards
What else
can we offer?
More offers are given
thru WHAFF PICKS and more.
Download, do missions, and watch videos
to gain extra rewards!
WHAFF rewards

WHAFF rewards
Can you really believe
WHAFF Rewards?
Don't worry.
We have 4 years of service and
over 5 million downloads worldwide
to prove our credibility.
Rest assured and start WHAFFing now!

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