WHAFF-Global Mobile Ads Platform
Mobile Ads Solution
Try WHAFF for less costs but better results.
Having a hard time with global marketing & audience targeting? Don't you worry! WHAFF does them for you!
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Small Budget & Big Return
Want to advertise using mobile marketing, but you have a small budget?
Want to have quick responses from users? WHAFF is your answer. WHAFF can
maximize your budget even if it is very small, and lead quick and big effects out of it.
Optimizing Your Campaign
WHAFF will optimize your budget and lead the maximum result from it with our
knowledge and knowhow from years of experiences. WHAFF provides you safer and
more effective mobile marketing.
Global Service of WHAFF
Want to promote your contents overseas?
With WHAFF, there is no barriers to do so. WHAFF has users in over 150 countries.
Now market your contents globally with WHAFF!
Easy and Quick Launch
You don't have to suffer from complicating register forms. WHAFF has the simplest
registering process. You can register easily no matter which country you are in.
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Accurate Targeting
You don't have to worry about targeting your audience.
WHAFF possesses 95% confidence level of accuracy in targeting audience based on facebook user information.
facebook Viral Marketing
WHAFF is not about distributing contents. WHAFF users share their thoughts via
facebook and it becomes real-time viral marketing. This service is available because
WHAFF operates based on facebook.