WHAFF-Global Mobile Ads Platform
Best Rewards App
WHAFF is compatible with most of Android device.
WHAFF is designed to help you make more profits and
will make your company prevail.
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Mobile Advertising Specialist
The staffs of WHAFF consume mobile advertisements as well and try to understand
users and advertisers' needs. With knowledge and experiences gained from developing
more than 15 applications, WHAFF can help you make a better future.
More Profits for Our Clients
With infinite thirst for new and better mobile advertisement, WHAFF always tries to
bring more downloads and profits to your firm. The best mobile ads WHAFF pursues is
one that satisfies both users and advertisers' needs.
Positive Users
WHAFF has active and passionate users.
Our users use and watch every advertisement and give us
feedbacks which help us improve the products and the method of advertisement.
Voluntary Viral Marketing
WHAFF users are not just reward app users.
They actively consume contents and promote ads via facebook themselves
which is the core part of viral marketing of WHAFF.
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Total Ads Service
WHAFF supports mobile marketing for all applications and videos and your SNS pages.
No more confusing and complicated register. No more targeting with phony user info.
Use WHAFF now, you will get surprising results.
All Android Devices
WHAFF is specialized in Android OS, and compatible with most of Android devices.
You don't have to worry about whether it will work or not on new devices. WHAFF is
always ready to work on any new Android devices.